First post in english on this blog, and there will be no dubbing for the lazy frogs !

Tysk is the swedish word for german. Germans were one of the first persons I met and worked with, when I arrived in Göteborg more than one year ago. A few weeks ago the project where we worked together was put « on hold » for an indefinite period. They had to go back home.

We had to do a proper farewell, and this is what we did as you can see on the picture (there are more pictures, but were censored by some swedish law protecting drunk people).  The pre-party was at the king-of-elephants pub and all had their glad rags on to continue deep in the night …

That night was great craic!


From left to right : Stefi, Martin, Ulrika, Thorsten, Simon, Steffen, Andreas, Daniela, me and Oscar.

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