1259 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90019

At this address in Los Angeles, there is a big wall. It keeps getting tagged, cleaned, and tagged again.The last graffiti on it is probably from Banksy and announces the Oscar ceremony on February 27th, 2011.

Photo by brandon shigeta / Found via mashkulture.net

Photo from movieline.com

Today (February, 8th 2011) on Google Maps, we can see another graffiti, still in a Banksy-style somehow.

Also inspired by the Oscars, a picture of Marion Cotillard was drawn in March 2008 after the Oscars ceremony.

Photo by osmany rodriguez via laist.com

Not so much time before another graffiti was there, representing an “older” star.

Photo from laist.com / Also found on ekosystem.org

A couple of years ago a famous French figure occupied the wall : Mr A., aka André.

Photo by ITSAWONDERFUL-WORLD.COM via ekosystem.org

We started with Banksy and end up with the monster he created Mr Brainwash, aka M-BW (according to his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop).

Photo by ITSAWONDERFUL-WORLD.COM via ekosystem.org

Photo by osmany rodriguez for laist.com / Also found on ITSAWONDERFUL-WORLD.COM‘s flickr

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