My GIFF 2013

It started with a biopic that is not one. Hitchcock tells the story of the master through the events around his movie Psycho. We get to see how were the relation of Hitch with his wife and its actresses. He was a leader on the set (or some kind of dictator), the same leader was Thor Heyerdahl to be able to take with him 4 men on a draft across the pacific.

In Kon-Tiki we follow these five tanned and blond men in their adventure to reach Polynesia. Great pictures that make a very entertaining film! During the travel, men discuss how it is to drown. One of them has heard that it was kind of ecstasy. The other contradicts him and describe how horrible are the 4-5 minutes before you die drowning.

Later (I mean in another movie) Ernest (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) get explained to him that the people drowning can feel a kind of pleasant feeling. The road-movie Rendez-vous à Kiruna has a couple of good scenes, but for someone living in Göteborg it was difficult to believe they are in Kiruna (far up north) when they are in a bar on Hisingen island or in Alingsås (a few km away from here).

The whole road-trip is about this relation he never had to his son who is now dead. In Queen of Montreuil, we meet Agathe who is going around with the funeral urn of his husband. We also get to know more about their relation.

Thanks to 2 islandic turists the movie that could have led to a tearful drama becomes an absurd comedy.

Absurd and road-movie could also be the summary of La bande des Jotas. A movie shot in 12 days in Spain with a small camera. It was a challenging idea. In my opinion the first 30 minutes are brilliant but then Satrapi lost some imagination and the scenario who was written day after day during the trip struggles to keep us interested in the story. That time I got into it as it was shot on location.

After the Norwegian Oscar submission (Kon-Tiki), I saw the Chilian osacar submissoin for this year: No.

Other movies

Les Invisibles

La demora

Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

Maximerat Animerat : a collection of animated films. Like the Startsladden, I try to make it as a tradition to book this screening. It is a mixed of really good and not-so-good animated short films.

This year’s short film programme is richly varied in terms of technique, themes and geography and includes satire ([L’Mrayet]), mad-cap comedy ([Big House]), hyper-realistic violence ([Junkyard]), flows of images stemming from the singular minds of the film-makers ([Flood]), political metaphor ([Tunnel]), innovative experiments drawing on autographical images ([Sunny afternoon]), graphic suites ([The Cat]), and a “relay race film” ([Father]) created by a string of animators.

One I really liked is Big House (Suur maja). The whole movie can be seen here :

 GIFF stands for Göteborg International Film Festival.

Post published in 2016! (I had forgot the draft)





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