#gbgfilmfestival 2016

(published in 2023, but half-written in February 2016!)

Almost one film a day is a good tempo. It’s time to reflects on the films and save some time for the kids. It was also a première to go to the Lilla Festivalen (“little festival” for kids).

Lilla festivalen: Microbe et Gasoline
Lilla festivalen: Bajsfilmen
Friday: Viaje
Saturday: Rams
Sunday: Sparrows
Monday: Blanka
Thursday: Assassination
Friday: The demons
Saturday: Endorphine
Monday: Embrace of the serpent

Viaje >

A nice debut but it could have been a short movie.
+ Tops: Very nice Woody-Allen-like scene in a taxi
– Flops: a thin scenario, a photography attempting things but technical problems
Related titles: Frances Ha

Bland män och får (Hrútar) ?

+ Tops: great actors, a snowstorm,
– Flops:
Related titles: Of Horses and Men (Hross í oss)

Sparrows ????

A coming-of-age movie quite classical
What was a bit perturbating is the absence of night in a movie shot in the north of Island in the end pf June. It makes the narration a bit strange sometimes.
the apparently quiet movie becomes suddenly something else when none could telll
Tops: sound editing
Related titles: maybe a Ken Loach film

Blanka >

Tops: music, the young actress, photography of the streets
Flops: a scenario a bit predictable and quite manicheen
Related titles: Buena Vista Social Club (music), Les quatre cents coups

Assassination ♥️

A korean film who is mixing it all!
Al Capone movies from the 20s, robbery movie à la ocean 11, historical drama with family secrets, espionage, comic book, western, …
Flops: as many espionage movies, it is complicated to follow who is who
Related titles: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Untouchables, Heat

The demons

Jag tyckte den hade ett snygg foto.
Spänning görs dock med hög musik, lite tvång enligt mig.
Regissör ville skildra historier på ett annat sätt
Director wanted to tell the story in a unconventional way (“I am sick of the way we tell stories. It has not changed since the Greeks!”). It altenates the moods from one scene to another between innocence and cheerfulness of the kids games and the extreme tension of other scenes.
Related titles: Tu dors Nicole (GIFF 2015) by  Stéphane Lafleur, C’est pas moi, je le jure! by Philippe Fallardeau

Endorphine ????

With these kind of movies it always hard to restrain itself to try to understand everything and explain everything.

Related titles: Mullholland Dr. by David Lynch, Inception by Christopher Nolan


Embrace of the Serpent (El abrazo de la sierpente) ❤️

Tops: foto, mystique stämmning, the sect re-interpreting the catholic church
Flops: hallucinations like a 70s travel to india done on an atari computer (only 3 mins of 2-hours-film)

Related works: Tintin in L’oreille cassée (1935),  Dead man by Jim Jarmush


Embrace of the Serpent

Ciro Guerra | 125min | Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina

Mamma vet bäst ???? 🙂 :-S

Mikael Bundsen | 13min | Sverige

This year missed the short films selection (Startsladden) but we saw at least one short. It was almost a one shot of 10 minutes, 2 actors in a car, playing very well.

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