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  • Göteborg Film Festival 2023

    Göteborg Film Festival 2023

    Another year, another festival. From the pandemics, we kept the possiblity to watch movies online.

  • Göteborg Film Festival 2015

    Göteborg Film Festival 2015

    A list of movies from the 2015-festival and some tweet-comments.

  • My #giff14

    My #giff14

    I find it hard to give a rating to a film, it would “unidimensionalize” them. There are films were I like a lot the photography but maybe the story was weak, others had a strong message but not especially worth to see in a cinema. I tried to make my own categories to give a […]

  • #giff14 @ Draken

    For once I did not manage to fit a screening at the cinema Draken in my schema for the Göteborg Film Festival. Instead I was there thanks to the hundreds of instragram pictures!

  • My GIFF 2013

    It started with a biopic that is not one. Hitchcock tells the story of the master through the events around his movie Psycho.

  • GIFF 2012

    A new record for me at the Göteorg Film Festival! 18 films (or screening of several films) during 12 days (between 2012-01-26 and 2012-02-06).

  • GIFF 2011

    16 films is a record for me.

  • My past GIFFs

    GIFF stands for Göteborg International Film Festival. Since I moved to Göteborg, I have attended all the festivals but never as much as I will this year (2011). I booked 16 screenings!